PRP facelift

PRP Facelift

About PRP Facelift

The PRP facelift is a powerful nonsurgical tool to reverse the aging process. By stimulating your body’s collagen synthesis, it has the potential to greatly improve the appearance of nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines, hollow cheeks, baggy eyelids, sagging and wrinkling skin. The PRP facelift positively changes your skin on a cellular level.

What is a PRP Facelift?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a part of our blood. Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and grow new cells. The PRP, injected into specific areas of the skin, acts as a foundation that promotes your own collagen to grow, regenerates tissue and naturally smooth and tighten the skin.

What is involved?

The procedure starts with a simple blood draw. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the blood cells and the platelet rich plasma. The PRP is then injected into the skin. Next, a small handheld device is used to create small micro-channels in the skin and more PRP is applied.

How Long Does a PRP Facelift Last?

Since the PRP Facial stimulates your body to make its own new cells, the beneficial effects are long-lasting. You generally see the full effect at three months after injection. With appropriate skin care, these results can last 12-18 months. Best results are achieved with periodic treatments.

How often can treatments be performed?

A repeat PRP Facelift can be performed as soon as one month after the initial treatment. Some clients with more extensive skin concerns will benefit from stacking treatments over a three-month period. In other cases, treatments may be recommended once per year. Your personalized plan will be discussed at the time of your consultation.

How long until I see benefit?

You will notice some immediate improvement in your skin. Full benefit can take up to three months to develop.

Does it Hurt?

Not really. We use a specialized topical cream to anesthetize the skin. There can be some minor pain associated with the procedure, but most report it is as minor.

Can you go back to work the same day?

Your face will be red and irritated, there is a possibility that some bruising will take place. In most cases, people feel comfortable going back to work the next day, it will depend on your circumstance.

What are the adverse effects?

Adverse effects are rare but may include; infected skin, bruising, red and irritated skin, changes in color, and minor swelling.

PRP Facelift with Filler Option

The standard PRP facelift can be augmented by the addition of injectable dermal fill product. The fills are hyaluronic based products. The fill option is most helpful for people with greater tissue deficits, more extensive wrinkling, or a desire to augment lips or other parts of the face. The decision whether or not to add a filler product to your PRP facelift will be made at the time of your initial consultation and will be personalized to your objectives.

What is the best age to start?

The best time to begin is when you start to notice initial changes in your skin. This can be as early as late 20s depending on your genetics and your skin type. By starting early, greater skin preservation can occur with less intense and less frequent treatments.

Is there a point where it is too late to benefit?

In some cases of severe skin sagging or tissue atrophy, the PRP facelift may not achieve the goals you have in mind. In that case, it will be best to combine it with a surgical therapy such as a facelift or other modality. At your consultation a very honest and thorough assessment of your objectives will be discussed.

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